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Family values run deep in the Hinz Auction Family.  The value of “The Golden Rule” has been a cornerstone of our business, to treat everyone fairly and honestly, as we would want to be treated.


With borrowed money for a train fair, in 1957 Jim Hinz traveled to Mason City, Iowa to Auctioneer School.  Jim and Joyce worked diligently to establish themselves in the Auction Business.  They had no idea the impact they would establish in the Auction Profession in Western Oklahoma.


Jimmie joined his dad in business in 1980.  Working together for 24 years, the duo continued to build relations with their clients and establish “repeat customers” on both the seller and buyer side.


In 2004, Brandon entered into the business and made the business 3 Generations Strong.  He has brought his own style and strength into the business and continues to build on both.


With Auctioneering in their blood – the Hinz’s enjoy giving back to their communities and those surrounding the area.  From Schools, Churches, Non-Profits, Personal and Private Benefits, and Numerous Organizations, we offer our services where every it is needed.


Now, 63 years later, the business continues strong.  With advanced technology and social media, the process has changed somewhat, but the business stays the same.  Getting to know our buyers and sellers and reaching far and wide to obtain new buyers for the growing demand of goods in the Auction Business.  All with the honesty and integrity our Christian Values have taught us.


Whether On-Line Auction – On-Site Auction – Or Both – we service the seller with the option that will bring them the most money for their asset.


Real Estate – Farm Machinery – Minerals – Estates – Liquidations – Appraisals – we do it all.


Contact Hinz Auctioneers to discuss all your Auction Needs.  We would be happy to talk to you and answer your questions.




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