Internet Bidding on Minerals


Minerals for Internet Sale

415.944 Ac. Minerals for sale on Internet Only Bidding – Sold as One Unit

Go to to register and bid


or go to Auctions Page and follow Link provided

Bidding from 1/10/18 @ 9:00 a.m. to 1/24/18 @ 5:00 p.m.

415.944 Acres Minerals for Sale – Sold as One Unit

Bid Per Acre –


1.667 ac.- 7-11N-21- Bekcham Co.- Producing
1.667 ac.- 25-16N-13- Blaine Co.- Producing
6.667 ac.- 9-9N-13- Caddo Co.  
1.667 ac.- 15-9N-13- Caddo Co.  
6.667 ac.- 21-9N-13- Caddo Co.  
1.667 ac.- 9-13N-10- Canadian Co.- Producing
5.0 ac.- 22-15N-19- Custer Co.- Producing
13.333 ac.- 1-6N-19- Kiowa Co.  
6.323 ac.- 2-8N-19- Washita Co.- Producing
30.0 ac.- 9-8N-19- Washita Co.- Producing
2.667 ac.- 11-8N-19- Washita Co.- Producing
5.0 ac.- 5-8N-20- Washita Co.  
40.0 ac.- 22-8N-20- Washita Co.  
13.333 ac.- 6-8N-20- Washita Co.  
1.733 ac.- 7-9N-18- Washita Co.- Producing
4.333 ac.- 22-9N-18- Washita Co.  
6.667 ac.- 23-9N-18- Washita Co.  
6.667 ac.- 27-9N-18- Washita Co.  
3.333 ac.- 30-9N-18- Washita Co.  
26.667 ac.- 32-9N-18- Washita Co.  
3.333 ac.- 34-9N-18- Washita Co.  
6.667 ac.- 35-9N-18- Washita Co.  
10.00 ac.- 36-9N-18- Washita Co.  
13.333 ac.- 16-9N-19 – Washita Co.  
86.667 ac.- 21-9N-19- Washita Co.  
4.443 ac.- 27-9N-19- Washita Co.  
4.443 ac.- 28-9N-19- Washita Co.- Producing
46.667 ac.- 29-9N-19- Washita Co.- Producing
1.667 ac.- 30-9N-19- Washita Co.  
11.667 ac.- 1-9N-20- Washita Co.- Producing
3.333 ac.- 12-9N-20- Washita Co.  
3.333 ac.- 22-9N-20- Washita Co.  
13.333 ac.- 23-9N-20- Washita Co.- Producing
3.333 ac.- 25-9N-20- Washita Co.- Producing
13.333 ac.- 26-9N-20- Washita Co.- Producing
2.0 ac.- 33-9N-20- Washita Co.  
1.667 ac.- 1-10N-19- Washita Co.  
1.667 ac.- 30-9N-19- Washita Co.  
415.944 Total Acres    

All Minerals guaranteed conveyable to buyer.

Buyer responsible to perform their own title search to satisify themselves as to title.

5% Escrow due at signing of contract.  Auctioneer will contact successfull bidder.

Closing to be no later than February 28, 2018 at Attorny Barry Squires Office in Anadarko, OK

Seller retains option to accept or reject any and all bids


 Contact Hinz Auctioneers for all inquires

Jimmie – 580-774-4644

Brandon – 580-774-7396

Jim – 580-774-8467

Home Office – 580-774-2619

Contact: Hinz Auction & Realty

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