On-Site and Online Auctions

Each and every Real Estate, Farm Machinery, Antique, Estate, Mineral or Household Auction is handled to fit your specific needs. Every Auction is Special Tailored to every client’s individual needs and special care is taken to Individualize “Your Auction” to be truly “Yours”! Past clients have told us the individual attention they received from the Auction Firm has made the Auction Process an easy experience that they really enjoy.

Hinz Auctioneers is a Full Service Auction Company that handles everything “in house”. Beginning with the 1st Contact to one of the “Guys” themselves to get the process started – to producing your Sale Bills to be ready to print – to distribution the Auction Flyers – Advertising of your Auction – Working the Day of the Auction – to delivering your Auction Proceeds – We are truly “HANDS ON”! We stand behind almost 63 years of Family Experience.


Mineral Consignments have become a very large part of our Services – filling a gap in Western Oklahoma that few Auction Firms fill. We market each call as to their individual need. Our contact list of Mineral Buyers is extensive throughout the United States. We are proud that we are the leaders in Mineral Auctions in Western Oklahoma, handling consignment auctions for the last 25+ years and have a proven success rate between buyers and sellers.


Our Appraisal service is a Service that everyone needs sometime in their lives. Attorneys, Bankers and Individuals alike call on us regularly to maintain the Legal Side of Business.

Online Auctions

Online Auctions have also become an option for today’s market. We are experienced in handling what ever type of auction is best for the seller.


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